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cushions-023Trust me… if someone told me 5 years ago that I would have bought myself a sewing machine as a gift to myself for Christmas, I would have thought they were nuts! But when you catch the home renovation bug, it really makes you do things that are totally unexpected. Last year, I bought myself a sewing machine, so I could make pillows and a couch cover. Ta-da! And the results are fantastic!

These pillows were super-easy to make and are washable! They are based on these Pottery Barn pillows that I absolutely love! Because we have a 4-legged friend who enjoys the couch along with us, washable pillows were a must!

cushions-002I also made the cushion covers that our totally adorable Black Lab, Wyatt, is sleeping on. I made the cushion covers in a washable fabric and sewed a zipper on the cushions for easy on, easy off. It works great and we don’t need to bother teaching old dogs new tricks… like sleeping on the floor instead of the couch.

One thing at a time… sheesh!

Below are a few more pics of my sewing debut!



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Our house on 8th Street had wonderful hot-water heat. Our 1000 sq ft heated up quickly with our 6 radiators, but they were a bit on the unsightly-side. So we got to work to create some radiator covers to spruce things up a bit!


Here are 2 of the radiator cover in progress without paint.


A metal sheet was installed behind the radiator to reflect the heat before installing the radiator covers (see what I mean? It’s kinda ugly).


Here is the dining room radiator cover before it was primed and painted. David notched out the top piece to fit the pipe.


Here is the completed radiator cover in the guest bedroom.

And that’s all for the 8th Street house radiator project. However, our Elmwood house also has radiators- 10 of them! I’m sure some more radiator covers will be in our future!

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