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Living Light massage (2)A recent massage from Living Light Massage and Wellness Center was amazing! After a long week of work (and evening blog posting), I capped it off with a one-hour massage. It was so relaxing and a great way to unwind. I was feeling all nimble and Gumby-like when I walked out and was ready to slide into the weekend. I am convinced of the healing benefits of massage, ridding the body of stress and soreness. It’s totally rejuvinating and I hope to add it to my life at least once a month.


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Topsy TurvyWe recently received a “Topsy Turvy” tomato planter as a gift and quickly put it together, added a tomato plant, potting soil, hung it up and added water.

According to the instructions, the planter works like a greenhouse. As the sun warms the plant, the roots grow really fast and thrive inside the planter. Also because the planter is upside down, nutrients “pour directly from the root to the fruit,” according to the manufacturer.

Topsy Turvy (2)Pictured here is the planter on day one. I also planted gobs of tomato plants in the side yard and plan on making salsa galore during harvest time. If all goes well, I also hope to do some tomato canning with the surplus and plan on enjoying homegrown fruits all winter. That is, if the rabbits don’t get to ’em first!

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Porch paint update (3)In a recent post, I wrote about painting my porch planters that suddenly made the porch look like it was in dire need of some touch up. Well… the necessary TLC was handed out this weekend and the porch is definitely spruced up to greet summer guests. I even bought a new welcome mat with a floral motif.

Porch paint updateOf course, this little dab of porch makeup doesn’t quite cure the serious case of porch envy that I have. I’m planning to take regular strolls around downtown Traverse City to photograph the many wonderful and welcoming porches to get ideas for our future wrap-around wonder. Keep reading and who knows, you might develop a case of porch envy too! It might be contagious.

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Grass seed backyard (4)

In the case of our backyard, the answer is ‘no’. Some weekend seed sowing could remedy the situation however. I guess we’ll know in a few weeks time.

Grass seed backyard (6)We suspect that we have a grub population eating the grass roots which explains the large empty patches everywhere. We’re hoping to get the new grass started and do a milky spore treatment in August (a natural power product that treats the pests.)

Grass seed backyard (7)Near the garage, we also had a large non-grassy patch. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not looking for a blanket-like lawn. But it would be nice to have some greenery growing instead of the tall weeds and dirt patches that were there before.

Wyatt on grass seedThe biggest challenge with attempting to grow grass in the backyard will be convincing Wyatt that he should lie somewhere else! How do you teach an old dog new tricks? Well… that’s another tough question to ponder for another day…

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Missy manning the ManitouOn Friday, I experienced a Tall Ship cruise aboard the Manitou schooner. The blue skies and temperatures in the upper sixties made for a perfect West Grand Traverse Bay sail.

Manitou schoonerThere were about 50 people aboard the ship for the noon cruise. Many packed a lunch and ate picnic-style while enjoying bay views galore.

SailsThe schooner Manitou offers a unique perspective to enjoy the beauty of Grand Traverse Bay from the deck and to watch the crew maneuver the massive sails.

Old stoveThe Manitou also offers 4-day cruises or bed and breakfast tours, in which case, the crew will cook meals using the old fashioned stove.

Dining areaThe ship’s eating area is bright and efficient and the woodwork is amazing. The Manitou is just one of Traverse City’s unique and charming gems!

ManitouI snapped this picture from our house the following day! Isn’t she a beaut?

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Garage rock wall (2)Last weekend, I created a rock wall along the garage to eliminate the mud splatter on our newly painted garage. It was a ton of heavy lifting, but I think it turned out great!

Garage rock wall (4)I even had a little fun practicing rock balance, and someday I hope to aspire to get to this level. But for now, the rocks are in place and I even added some seashells and Petoskey stone treasures along the wall. (The shells and all of the old fossils and Petoskey stones were left in the garden for me to uncover by the previous owners!)

Garage rock wall (7)Here is the full view of the new wall! I think it will especially look nice during the 6 months of the year when we don’t have foliage!

Chives (4)Speaking of foilage, with all of the rain we’ve had, these chive flowers have really taken off! They look like little pom poms!

The chives are in the ‘purple section’ of the spice garden. Purple Hyacinths bloomed only weeks ago and directly behind the chives, I planted 2 purple cone flowers. What a cheerful little corner!

ChivesThe spice garden is filling out as the oregano grows in. Tucked directly behind is our soon-to-be rain barrel. We placed it there to see if we like the location of it before we cut the downspout and make it permanent. Another project awaits!

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Morning walk (2)A morning walk along West Grand Traverse Bay never ceases to amaze me. My usual routine includes walking Wyatt around the neighborhood to Ashton Park or to Hickory Meadows. I love the parks, don’t get me wrong, but the bay-front walks are truly special!

Morning walk (10)On the way back to the house, Wyatt and I walked in the sand. And would you just look at that pups happy grin! Dogs live every day like it’s the best day of thier lives!

Morning walk (12)On the way back, I noticed a few clusters of this beautiful yellow beach flower among the beach grasses.

Morning walk (13)And finally, we ended up at ‘our beach’ that is across the street from our house. There is even a break in the rock wall (just outside the lens view) so we can easily wheel the kayaks down. Thanks for sharing our morning beach walk with us!

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