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Our new mayor in Traverse City, Chris Bzdok, has a healthy outlook on the future of our town. He comes from a mindset of environmental sustainability, and works to balance the needs of Traverse City while keeping the big picture in focus.

He is redefining how the City Commission acts on projects, proposals and citizen input. Instead of waiting until the end of a process to invite citizen input, he’s looking for it up front. His new website, PlanforTC.com, enables residents to proactively voice their ideas and input on proposed projects or make new suggestions.

I’m confident that Chris Bzdok will lead us in the right direction during his two-year term as mayor. Here’s to 2010 and a prosperous Traverse City!

February is bound to be a hot month with the new Traverse City National Writers’ Series set to feature the likes of Tom Brokaw, Woody Harrelson, Mario Batali, James Bradley author of “Flags of Our Fathers”, and Walter Kirn writer of “Up in the Air” to name a few. To cap it off, on February 19-21, Michael Moore and Jeff Garlin from “Curb Your Enthusiam” have teamed up to create the Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival! It’s going to be a banner year!


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, photo by Missy Luyk.

Our house is becoming more and more inviting every day. We were so happy to put up a Christmas tree this year. Last year, with all of the house chaos, we didn’t do any decorating. I enjoyed every day that the tree was up. I enjoyed the early mornings with a cup of coffee and the paper with the glow of the tree. There is something magical and comforting about it all.

I took the tree down on Sunday and brought it to Hull Park yesterday. The City has a program to recycle Christmas trees (they woodchip them.) So farewell, Christmas tree! Here’s to the new year and new decade!

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It’s a dog’s life

Our dog is the alpha male in our household. Wyatt is a big black lab who sleeps in our bed, wakes us up at 6:00 a.m. for one of his three (yep, that’s three) walks a day! He has even managed to manipulate us so that he gets eight biscuits after each one of those aforementioned W-A-L-Ks. He gets four snaps and four milkbones. Talk about one spoiled puppy!

Needless to say, Wyatt comes along on road trips with us. However, this year now that my brother lives in Traverse City, we had another passenger in the car. Wyatt decided to sit on Dave’s lap for half the trip.

For the other half of the trip, he had his head out the window!

Even David’s mom bought presents for Wyatt that he opened on Christmas morning.

Although I hate to admit it, I actually taught Wyatt to get on my lap. I wanted a cat so I could have someone to pet on my lap, but you see, David is allergic to cats. So, I “made” Wyatt into my lap cat. Now that Wyatt is just under a hundred pounds and has no idea how big he is, he can be a bit unwieldy. But we love our big dopey dog with all his quirks –even in the middle of winter when I’m donning my snow pants for the frigid morning walk. Without him getting me up at that hour, I would never know the quiet stillness in the park after a fresh blanket of snow. It’s kinda nice to be the first set of tracks on the park’s trails day after day. Thanks Wyatt.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the Appreciating Life Up North readers.

We have a lot to be thankful for as 2009 comes to a close. It was the year of “the house” with endless remodeling. Can you believe that a year ago, our house looked like this?

Isn’t it just amazing how far we’ve come?!We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving in our house…

And… it looks pretty festive for the Christmas season…

All of our hard work is starting to pay dividends. For many years to come, we’ll be enjoying this house. Thanks for your support.

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A few weeks ago, David and I went for a looooong walk with the dog. We walked from our house to this stunning Cedar Lake fishing dock.

The walk consisted of taking the TART and Leelanau Trails and the 1/4 mile foot path trail in the DeYoung Natural Area. The 145 acre natural area which includes nearly a mile of Cedar Lake frontage has been permanently preserved by the Leelanau Conservancy. Portions of the preserve are actively farmed and the historic barn and farmhouse are being restored.

When it was all said and done, we walked about 5.5 miles. This winter, we plan on doing this walk again (albeit a bit abbreviated) either on skis or snowshoes.

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