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Sibling neighbor

It’s nice to have a sibling as a neighbor. My brother moved to Traverse City in the fall. Since then, we’ve been hiking, biking, cooking and hanging out a lot lately. Even Wyatt has made a new friend.

Because my brother is adventurous in the kitchen, we’ve been exploring the culinary world together. We have many more recipes to tackle and pizzas to bake. We made a dish last week that included eggplant, ginger root and loads of spices. Because we both enjoy cooking, it’s great to partner up. Sometimes we run in circles at the grocery store just trying to find some obscure ingredient, but it’s all part of the cooking story.


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Ok, so this little Vasa winter wonderland cross-country ski excursion actually took place back in February, but who’s keeping track anyway? I was just happy to be outside in the great outdoors getting some excercise and snapping a few pics.

The Vasa Pathway is a scenic and challenging trail that is groomed regularly for Nordic skiing fans. The trail is busiest in the winter months although the trail is also a haven for mountain biking in the summer. And since it took me so long to write this post , I’m happy to announce that I mountain biked the Vasa single track on Saturday. Other than the visual blight due to the DNR’s logging that occurred in the fall/winter, the trail is fast, technical and in great shape! There were only a few patches of snow left in the woods.

No matter the season, the Vasa trail will welcome you. So go for a glide or a roll through the woods of Northern Michigan. Isn’t it why we live here?

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I apologize for the lack of posts for a while there. Life has been very full lately and a not-so-friendly blog comment really put this creative outlet on the back burner. Obviously, I didn’t publish the downright mean comment because this little blog of mine is a drama-free zone and a place for me to chronicle the joys of living Up North, the trials and tribulations of renovating our house and our aspirations to enjoy every minute of it.

So please, if I say something in this little blog that is offensive to you- too bad. Keep it to yourself, or start your own blog, but don’t try to bring me down. Appreciating Life Up North is our personal journey and interpretation and ours only. So please, no more drama! I want the blog to continue to be a fun, creative outlet to share our life with all of you.

Enough of this soapbox… now on to blogging and Appreciating Life Up North, of course!

Oh yeah… that’s me in the picture baking cookies the night that our kitchen became functional! Like I said, we’ve been busy!

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Our downstairs den/office room was shaping up to become a cozy space to curl up and enjoy a book or magazine…

…until we began unpacking boxes and boxes of kitchen ware that have been stowed away in the basement for nearly two years.

Needless to say, there was quite the mess of boxes piling up in the living room. We had an overload of recyclables out by the curb for recycling day and were amazed that they took it all. It was huge. We had two giant stacks of broken down cardboard and bags and bags of crumpled up newspaper.

Unfortunately, we still haven’t moved all of those dishes into our new kitchen just yet, but we’re poised and ready to go when the kitchen is ready for it’s much anticipated debut.

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