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Sorry for the brief absence from blog-land. We’ve been way too busy working on projects and creating more content to blog about!

So… our front hall closet was a blank slate. Since, if you recall, we completely ripped our lower-level down to the studs and put it back together again, working a closet into the space was a must. In the previous layout, there was sadly only one closet on the entire first floor- in the downstairs bedroom. So… a closet in the redesign was a must. The closet sat empty or nearly empty for months as we toiled away on other projects. It was only until recently that we installed a shelf and hanger bar. Gone are the days of draping our coats over the chairs in the dining room. Now they have a place to hang- what a novel concept! The other big closet moment came with the purchase of two shoe racks! Now the coats and shoes are hidden away from view…

And now to show you the newly finished closet…


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Morsels is a swanky noshery located on the bustling downtown Traverse City corner of Cass and Front. They are best known for their bite-size baked goods, but you can also enjoy a warm beverage on-site.

The decadent bite-sized wonders are packed with flavor, but since it’s only one bite, go ahead, indulge yourself. And if you need a mocha, latte or cuppa joe to wash things down, they do that too. The fancy designs made in the latte froth will heighten your experience. How fun is that? This hip little cafe will offer a gourmet taste sensation that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

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We decided to make a bold statement in the kitchen with our counters by choosing walnut countertops. The richness of the wood tones offset the white cabinetry. Building the counter tops was the first step. David built the countertops with our cabinet guy, Scott, from Warden’s Point Woodworking. They assembled the walnut plywood counters in Scott’s shop in Leland. Next came the installation. Even with the extensive renovation work that we’ve done, the walls are not plumb (which we learned when installing the cabinets) and it caused some frustration during the countertop install. Then the wood needed to be sealed. David ended up putting 7 coats of spar urethane on the countertops, sanding in between each coat.

The results speak for themselves! The bar-like surface cleans up nicely and saved us a ton of money.

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