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It was a date with a girlfriend that brought me out to the big lake (that’s Lake Michigan in case you were wondering) in mid-July. That day, the big lake seemed endless, the color of the water seemed vibrant and the air was light. There was a sense of calm to the day. 

When I woke up that morning, I already knew it would be a great day. I was greeted on my morning walk with a stunning early morning sky- brilliant pinks and purples-and wished I had a camera. As I walked with the dog, gazing at the sky, I smiled. I felt privileged to be awake. The next clue that the day was off to a supreme start came with a completed crossword puzzle during my morning coffee-and-the-paper routine. Just like I do each time I complete a crossword puzzle, I remarked, “today is going to be a good day,” then I put my pencil and puzzle down and am off to shower with a little extra bounce in my step. Next on tap, I had a big meeting in the morning followed by a drive to Glen Arbor to spend some quality time with a friend I’ve known since kindergarten. I had been meaning to catch up with her for months.
It was there, sitting on a beach towel, mulling over life with a dear friend and gazing at big blue that I got the news- a new job! I had interviewed with the City of Traverse City that morning and received a call the same afternoon with a job offer. It was a thrilling feeling, the onset of change, diving into a new work life chapter. At the same time, the natural surroundings gave me a peaceful, serene confidence in my next steps. We then waded in the water and dove in. It felt like I was taking the plunge, embracing my new job, and it was refreshing.


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Sometimes a little beach time with a four-legged pal is just what the doctor ordered.
The beach area across the street from our house, locally referred to as ‘Slabtown Beach,’ has been busy all summer. We regularly make the trek across the Parkway to be refreshed by the bay whether it’s for a quick dip to cool off, a paddle in our kayaks or to tack back and forth in our small sailboat. With a summer as hot as 2010, we have definately been taking advantage of being so close to the bay. Afterall, it’s why we live here, right?

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