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A complete life changing event is looming! We’re going to be parents (on July 21 if our due date holds true)! We recently found out that we are having a boy, so let the baby name debate begin! Needless to say, our upstairs remodel will be on the fast track come nicer weather when we can haul in a dumpster, build a chute from the 2nd story window and totally gut the upstairs. (Don’t worry, I won’t be helping, just assisting on the sidelines where I can.) Unfortunately, the walls have to come out because there is no insulation. Apparently back in 1880, that wasn’t in the building code! Aside from the lack of insulation, the many years of lead paint and old electrical wiring make it an unsuitable environment for a nursery. Not to mention that our house used to be a duplex and there is a really crummy kitchen up there that will be removed and we’ll reconfigure walls to make the nursery room larger and add much-needed closet to our bedroom. 

I’m now 22 weeks along and we’ve been taking weekly pictures of the “bump” since week 4. It’s an amazing transformation!

Life will be complete chaos leading up to the arrival of the little bambino, but I know it will all be worth it. Our black lab will have to make a big adjustment from being top dog! I’m sure he’ll be fine, but he’ll have to give up his room (or at least share) when baby comes.

We know Wyatt will be great with the baby. He’s a gentle dog who is afraid of bugs (especially black flies), so I’m sure he’ll figure out how to behave around the newborn. …although he’s going to have to learn that not all toys are dog toys- a lesson that will be tough for this old boy.


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A short drive up the coast of West Grand Traverse Bay brings you to the quaint village of Suttons Bay in Leelanau County. The village offers a bevy of restaurants and boutique shops, including Bahle’s department store. We recently made the drive to partake in the Bahle’s annual winter sale where winter clothes, shoes and gear is 50% off! It’s worth the drive, if you’ve never been!

We stopped at Martha’s Leelanau Table for lunch, a former residence on the main street that was converted into a restaurant.

If the charming red facade isn’t enough to lure you inside, certainly the from-scratch cooking will win your taste buds over.

Once inside, the homey atmosphere makes you feel welcome and at ease. The friendly wait staff is quick to tempt you with the daily soups and specials.

I opted for a soup and sandwich combo. The soup was a bell pepper-tomato-swiss combo with the perfect blend of spices. It was amazing. The Croque Madame panini sandwich was exquisite!

It was a great! I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon!

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