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Halloween porch

Our porch looked downright inviting for Halloween this year. A few votive candles in paper lunch sacs welcomed trick-or-treaters to the door. Considering we only had around 15 kids last year compared with over a hundred this year, I think our welcoming porch might have had something to do with it.

I would have liked to have been able to add some more decorations and fun accessories, but with all of our spare $$ going into home improvement projects, there just isn’t anything left for decorations and the like. In due time, we’ll get there.



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Side porch

Our little side porch is a gem. We added some exterior lights and painted the decking white. This porch faces the bay and is a great place read a magazine and relax after a long day at work.

Side porch

I’d like to change the cushions for the chairs for an updated and a bit more stylish pattern. The metal chairs and table could also use a fresh coat of spray paint. Once I fix them up, then I’ll touch up the paint on the porch decking to cover up the rust spots from the chairs. Check out more great Traverse City porches here.

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OK folks, you already know that I am always drooling over the wonderful porches in Traverse City and that I have a serious case of porch envy. And someday, maybe I’ll have a wonderful wraparound porch, but for now, this is what our front porch looks like. When we finally have the cash to build our wonderful porch, I want to be fully educated, so I took a stroll down my incredible street: N. Elmwood Avenue. Here’s a sampling of a few porch beauties that are out there!

Elmwood Porches (3)
The above porch was an addition last summer and I watched it’s progress on many walks down our tree-lined street with my four-legged-friend, Wyatt. Now, I can’t imagine the house without the stone accented pillars and picture perfect shrubbery. The homeowner decorated with a wonderful fern basket, similar to the Crafstman porch that I also love and previously pined about.

Elmwood Porches (5)

This porch is very simple but is totally balanced with neat shrubs and hanging baskets. The white wicker furniture looks inviting and is probably a wonderful place to sip lemonade and read a book while people-watching in the neighborhood.

Elmwood Porches (9)

The stunning Victorian porch above (complete with porch swing) is totally idyllic. The uniform columns and stone rails (with matching urns and planters) really anchor the porch. The huge windows still offer views of the street from inside. I even love the simple hanging porch light that is centered- it further unifies the space. The landscaping that flanks the porch is equally inviting. I’m sure they enjoy watching the butterflies as they sit and watch the world go by.

Elmwood Porches (8)

This next one is very simple in design. The home appears to look more similar to our farmhouse-style house. I would expect that our future porch would look similar to this one, but it would also wrap around on the south side of our house to connect to the south porch that has an entry door directly into the kitchen.

Elmwood Porches (6)

The above porch offers a wonderful circular seating area but it’s hidden by too many hanging ferns. The wrap around porch also wraps along the north side of the house, so there are plenty of options to sit and enjoy the neighborhood!

Elmwood Porches (10)

And finally, the above Craftsman-style porch offers a shady retreat.

I’ll continually go for walks through Traverse City’s wonderful neighborhoods and will snap pics of my favorite porches. I hope to acquire many porch styles and will keep you updated as to what I find. Until then, my porch jealousy is peaked!

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OK, you all know that I already have a serious case of porch envy.  I absolutely love the style of this Craftsman stone porch.
410 Tenth StThe wood ceiling, perfect porch swing, river rock structure, fern hanging basket and perfectly placed flower urns… it is just delectable!This charming home is located on Tenth Street in Traverse City’s Central neighborhood.

410 Tenth St (3)
This side porch is also adorable and just as charming as the front porch. It really beckons to come on in and make yourself at home.

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Porch paint update (3)In a recent post, I wrote about painting my porch planters that suddenly made the porch look like it was in dire need of some touch up. Well… the necessary TLC was handed out this weekend and the porch is definitely spruced up to greet summer guests. I even bought a new welcome mat with a floral motif.

Porch paint updateOf course, this little dab of porch makeup doesn’t quite cure the serious case of porch envy that I have. I’m planning to take regular strolls around downtown Traverse City to photograph the many wonderful and welcoming porches to get ideas for our future wrap-around wonder. Keep reading and who knows, you might develop a case of porch envy too! It might be contagious.

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porch-envy-tribuneI want this porch…someday. I’ve had a case of serious porch envy ever since David’s mom sent this article our way. In the article, there are eerie similarities between this house and ours. …like they are both built in the late 1800’s, the horsehair plaster walls were cracking, the bay window was slumping, there was a bed in the parlor, a stove right outside the bathroom door, and more! I don’t know if our house originally had a porch… but seeing the before and after from this article… I know it’d look great!

elmwood-house2It was just meant to be! I can picture many relaxing afternoons watching the world go by from a wonderful porch.

Ahhh. Someday, I hope. Until then, I’ll be green with envy every time I walk by a house with a fabulous porch.

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