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David has been toiling away at finishing the new hardwood floors in our 100+ year-old house. Originally, we were hoping to find wonderful flooring underneath the layers of carpeting and tile, but sadly, that wasn’t the case. So, we had to buy new flooring and decided on Natural Hickory. We really wanted to choose a North American hardwood that could have been in the house originally. We went with Hickory because it’s a very hard wood, so our four-legged friend can run around and (hopefully) won’t scratch up the surface as much as he did in our old house which had Douglas fir floors.

floor finishing (4)First off, we filled all of the knots with wood filler…

floor finishing (2) …then sanded the floors down with an orbital sander with 60 grit and another round of sanding with 100 grit. He then vacuumed the area and cleaned the surface with a tack cloth. Then David put down the first coat of Fabulon water based sealer, allowed it to dry, then sanded it again with the 100 grit paper. This process was repeated four times. The humidity level was 85% during the floor sealing weekend, so David had to allow for additional drying time in between coats.

floor finishing (5)Here’s (drum roll please) the finished product…isn’t it beautiful? We are allowing the floors to fully cure before moving in. …but finally moving into the first floor is imminent. Yeah! 

We’ve chronicled our hardwood floor installation process. Feel free to revisit our progress: Get Floored: Part II, Get Floored and Hickory Dickory Dock.


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