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Compost bin (4)We built a compost bin! Here, we were setting the posts. To make the bin, we used leftover wood and materials, so some additional prep work was required.

Compost binIn this image, I was priming the wood. Then, I used the exterior paint that was leftover from the garage. So the compost bin will blend in!

compost bin (13)David put it together. Because we utilized existing materials, our posts were of varying lengths, but we figured it would be OK for our bin. After all, it’s for rotting greens, banana peels, potato skins and the like.

compost bin (3)I primed and painted the posts and touched up the screws. It blends in pretty nicely with the garage.

compost binThen I filled the new bin with the giant pile of weeds that we’d been storing. Sheesh, it’s almost full already! The plan is to turn the compost with a pitchfork to aerate the pile to add oxygen.


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