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We’re cruising in a new ride (we bought it in February, hence the snowy pictures). It’s a little 2010 Honda Insight hybrid! It has an economy mode that forces you to drive “grandma-style,” meaning slow acceleration after a stop sign or red light and it really dogs going up some of the big hills. No complaints though. I like Grandma Gear. If the economy mode is off, it doesn’t behave like that, but when you watch the miles per gallon gauge on the dash, you can quickly see how the swift acceleration eats up the fuel! Now that gas just spiked to $4.17/gallon, and is expected to continue to rise this summer, I think we made a good choice.

We’ve had incredible mileage on some longer trips to Chicago, Detroit and Grand Rapids- somewhere in the 40mpg range. We expect that it will get even better mileage on the longer trips this summer when we aren’t running the heater and defrost. We should be in the 45-50 mpg range!

Below are all of the pictures of the car when we brought it home from the lot. I’ve never had a brand new car before (I think it only had 7 miles on it when we took it home), so I figured I should snap a few pictures while it was in pristine condition.

The driver’s side interior:

The passenger’s side interior:

Trunk (the battery is back here):

Exterior rear:

Exterior front:


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