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A short drive up the coast of West Grand Traverse Bay brings you to the quaint village of Suttons Bay in Leelanau County. The village offers a bevy of restaurants and boutique shops, including Bahle’s department store. We recently made the drive to partake in the Bahle’s annual winter sale where winter clothes, shoes and gear is 50% off! It’s worth the drive, if you’ve never been!

We stopped at Martha’s Leelanau Table for lunch, a former residence on the main street that was converted into a restaurant.

If the charming red facade isn’t enough to lure you inside, certainly the from-scratch cooking will win your taste buds over.

Once inside, the homey atmosphere makes you feel welcome and at ease. The friendly wait staff is quick to tempt you with the daily soups and specials.

I opted for a soup and sandwich combo. The soup was a bell pepper-tomato-swiss combo with the perfect blend of spices. It was amazing. The Croque Madame panini sandwich was exquisite!

It was a great! I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon!


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Last month, I wrote about our walk to Cedar Lake on the Leelanau Trail. In that post, I promised that David and I would be back in the winter months to enjoy the trail and the DeYoung Natural Area while covered with snow. The 15-mile Leelanau Trail is groomed for skiing and lucky for us, the trailhead is located just 4 minutes from our house. We arrived in no-time, clicked into our skis and were off. We enjoyed the sunny skies and friendly smiles from the fifteen other skiers we passed.

We also decided to take the winding Conservancy trail through the Cedar forest to the fishing platform to take a peek at the ice on the lake. We noticed a few ice-fishing shanties on the lake especially near the public access boat launch area. It was a beautiful outing to enjoy the fresh air, stretch our legs and work up a sweat. We’ll be back for sure.
Trail grooming updates can be found on the TART Trails website.

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Ahhh… nothing like a hike up the dunes to Big Blue! The 3.5 mile round trip trek is quite the climb but worth the effort!
Dune Climb (3)
We went on the hike when David’s brother and niece were in town. It was a chilly 60 degrees with a slight drizzle here and there, but we toughed it out and made the climb.
Dune Climb (8)
We were all smiles heading up the steep climb…Dune Climb (9)
And I wasn’t kidding when I said steep!
Dune Climb (13)
The view of Glen Lake (both Big and Little) is worth the climb even on a dark dreary day.
Dune Climb (22)
David makes the climb representing the Cubbies and the Wolverines. Ugh. (Can I get a Go Green Go White holla?!)
Dune Climb (24)
We keep climbing higher and higher. When you turn around, the view of Glen Lake becomes even more awesome!
Dune Climb (25)
Before we reached Lake Michigan, we kept thinking “just over this dune” and we’d crest the dune and see more dunes and more dunes. We knew we were getting close when we could hear the sound of waves crashing.
Dune Climb (56)
Ahhh… makes journey suddenly worth it! Lake Michigan is just so stunning!
Dune Climb (65)
A quick self-portrait to memorialize the trip (I need longer arms!)
Dune Climb (69)
Of course, what goes up, must come down. You have to run down the dune. It’s just no fun to walk. How can you not leave this enchanting hike without a smile on your face.
Dune Climb (70)
Do the dune climb!

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Leelanau TrailA recent 30-mile bike trip out to Suttons Bay and back on the Leelanau Trail was met with blue skies and scenic vistas. Roughly half the trail is paved, the other half is a hard-packed two-track. The unpaved section goes through beautiful agricultural fields planted in cherry orchards and grape vinyards. The Leelanau Trail is a rail to trail conversion and goes from Traverse City to Suttons Bay.

On the way back to Traverse City, we stopped at the water pump at the DeYoung Natural Area to refill our water bottles. The cold well water sure was a treat!

Overall, it was a wonderful excursion and it’s great to see many happy faces enjoying the beautiful weather. It was especially nice to see many elderly utilizing the trail near Orchard Creek Assisted Living. There were two trail users plodding along with walkers and a family taking a relative for a walk on the trail and pushing her in a wheelchair.

Isn’t life grand?

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