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Please join us on a photo tour of our 1880’s victorian farmhouse. We’ve spent countless hours sprucing it up (read full-on renovation– new walls, floors, electrical and everything in between it seems). We still have more projects to tackle (like the downstairs bathroom), so there will be plenty more renovation posts to come. Enjoy!




Main level bedroom


Master bedroom

Wyatt’s bedroom


Upstairs Bathroom

Front Yard


Back Yard


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OK. I realize the Cherry Fest was weeks ago, but that just is evidence of how behind I am with this little ol’ blog of mine. Please forgive me and read on.

A friend had extra tickets to the Cherry Festival’s “global wine pavilion event” so David and I decided to partake. We joyfully rode our bikes down the TART Trail to the event located in Clinch Park where the former zoo once stood. The only remnants of the old zoo are the imitation rocks that flank the landscape that once provided the allure of natural habitat for the animals.

We arrived at the event area and David continued on to attempt to withdrawal some cash from the ATM at his bank located on Front Street. We both forgot about the Fest’s Junior Royale Parade with the famous Bed Races. Yep, teams decorate a bed and race it down Front Street. Winners are judged by bed design, attire and speed. Oh yeah, and someone has to actually lie in the bed during the heat. It’s a hoot to watch… when you’re not trying to cross a street lined with people to get to your ATM. Needless to say, David never made it across the street even after he tried to go around the parade, but the parade cue went on endlessly down Washington Street. He came back to the wine pavilion without any tenspots, but no worries, the event was all set up to take plastic. Woo hoo.

We sipped our first complimentary wine pour in our commemorative wine glass, toured the tents to scan the wine offerings and plan our next move. We were delightfully surprised to see a fantastic selection of craft beers.

Our table happily drank frothy beers from our wine glass and collectively wondered, “is it wrong to drink beer at a wine event?” In the end, we didn’t care. The Moose Drool beer was amazing and was quite fun to drink from a swanky wine glass. Paired with some amazing pulled pork tacos offered by The Cooks’ House restaurant in Traverse City, we were happy as clams sipping our Moose Drool surrounded by the many vino drinkers.

On our bike ride home, we wandered past the midway, the festival food court, listened to the sounds of  Big Bad Voodoo Daddy playing on the big stage, peeked over the fence of the beer tent and marveled at the many people out and about enjoying a beautiful summer evening in Traverse City. Thanks Cherry Fest, for a nice night on the town.

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Ahhh… nothing like a hike up the dunes to Big Blue! The 3.5 mile round trip trek is quite the climb but worth the effort!
Dune Climb (3)
We went on the hike when David’s brother and niece were in town. It was a chilly 60 degrees with a slight drizzle here and there, but we toughed it out and made the climb.
Dune Climb (8)
We were all smiles heading up the steep climb…Dune Climb (9)
And I wasn’t kidding when I said steep!
Dune Climb (13)
The view of Glen Lake (both Big and Little) is worth the climb even on a dark dreary day.
Dune Climb (22)
David makes the climb representing the Cubbies and the Wolverines. Ugh. (Can I get a Go Green Go White holla?!)
Dune Climb (24)
We keep climbing higher and higher. When you turn around, the view of Glen Lake becomes even more awesome!
Dune Climb (25)
Before we reached Lake Michigan, we kept thinking “just over this dune” and we’d crest the dune and see more dunes and more dunes. We knew we were getting close when we could hear the sound of waves crashing.
Dune Climb (56)
Ahhh… makes journey suddenly worth it! Lake Michigan is just so stunning!
Dune Climb (65)
A quick self-portrait to memorialize the trip (I need longer arms!)
Dune Climb (69)
Of course, what goes up, must come down. You have to run down the dune. It’s just no fun to walk. How can you not leave this enchanting hike without a smile on your face.
Dune Climb (70)
Do the dune climb!

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The biggest conundrum we have with kayaking is getting to the water. The bay is “just” across the street… the only catch is that the ‘street’ is US 31, a 4-lane divided highway.

Kayak (2)Kayak (3)Kayak (4)

Kayak (5)Kayak (6)Kayak (7)

The process to get into the water is: wheel kayaks out of the garage, down the driveway, on the sidewalk, accross on leg of the highway, into the median, then safely across to the beach.

Kayak (9)

The ‘getting-there’ is a bit of a chore, but the reward sure is worth it!

Kayak (11)

David built his kayak from a kit. You can read more about it in this previous post. To see these pictures in full-size, please visit my flickr page.

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Zany (2)I was looking for something to do during last week’s rainy bout and ended up finding some real steals at Zany Consignment Boutique on Vine Street behind Sleder’s.

The boutique has women’s clothing, shoes, purses, scarves, accessories and a smattering of items for the home. They always have something new. Items are organized by size and color making browsing a breeze.

Zany consignment findsI ended up with 2 super-cute Banana Republic tops and a pair of white Ralph Lauren slacks for a combined total of only (drum roll please…) $41.97. What a deal! The white pants have never been worn and still have the tags on them with a price of $99.00. I’m sure the 2 tops would retail for about $30 a piece… so I got the same great duds and saved $117.03! Can’t beat that!

I’d suggest taking the ‘Resale Trail’ in Traverse City, Michigan and be sure to hit Zany Consignment Boutique at 318 Vine Street. There are many other resale, consignment and thrift shops in town, so find your favorite!

Zany Consignment Boutique: 318 Vine St
The Hop Chest: 2419 Sybrant Rd
First Congregational Thrift Shop: 207 E Eighth St
Top Drawer Resale Clothier: 1116 E Eighth St
Top Drawer Consignment Furniture and Clearance Center: 1115 E Eighth St
Ebb Tide Resale Shop: 2048 S Airport Rd W
Riverside Resale Furniture: 2034 S Airport Rd W
Children’s Orchard: 2020 S Airport Rd W
Act II Consignment Shop: 1603 Barlow
Women’s Resource Center Thrift Shop: 3030 N US 31
Katie’s Closet: 1117 S Airport Rd W
Goodwill: 2279 S Airport Rd W

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Elmbrook golf (2)I went for my golf debut this summer at Elmbrook Golf Club. Last year, I only golfed once, so I’m way ahead! I don’t keep score when I play which makes it enjoyable for me. David is a great golfer and is on a league this year, so he’s always keeping score. At this point in my golf game, I just enjoy remembering the good shots and forgetting that I pitched the ball over the green three times at one hole. The tee in the picture is incredible. You can see West Bay in the distance on the left and East Bay on the right.

Elmbrook golf (3)All in all, getting out on the course is a great excuse to swing a club, stretch the legs and chase around a little white ball around. How fun!

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Kayak West Bay (12)A weekend paddle on West Bay was a great way to beat the heat and get out on the water. The wispy  clouds in the sky and deep blue-green water made for a stunning backdrop. I had to pinch myself a few times to remind me that I actually live here! It felt surreal to paddle around in the beautiful setting. We are lucky to be able to wheel the kayaks down to the bay from our house, with one hiccup: The Parkway. It’s a bit stressful to cross the highway with the kayaks and we would go a lot more if it were easier to cross. One advantage is that because it’s a divided highway, we can cross 2 lanes, wait in the median, then finish crossing the final 2 lanes. The boats are sea kayaks and are really long, so we have to turn horizontal while waiting in the median.

Kayak West Bay (10)The Manitou Tall Ship was out for a sail including several other vessels that were also enjoying the bay.

Kayak West Bay (4)Both kayak hulls and decks are made out of 4mm-okoume plywood and are sheathed with fiberglass. In fact, David made his from a kit. It’s a Chesapeake Light Craft. I found mine in the classified section in the paper a few years ago. Both boats are very sea (bay) worthy.

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