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Going green

The safe beige colors on our walls are no more! It’s a subtle difference from sandy beige to a greenish color called fishnet. (It’s actually the same color that we had in our living and dining rooms, so it’s not really an earth-shattering change.) The two-tone color scheme just wasn’t working for David, so he took it upon himself to re-paint the entry hall and kitchen green.

There was a fair amount of cutting in required to complete the task, especially in the kitchen with the many upper cabinets. My involvement on the job was to remove outlet covers, artwork from the walls and to de-clutter the counters so David could just paint on by. He has become quite the skilled painter over the past few years with our constant home renovation habit and doesn’t mess around with blue tape anymore. At least that eliminates one time-consuming step. Even so, I think it still took about seven hours to transform our lower level into a green oasis.


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