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Thanks to Craigslist, we enjoyed the warm summer of 2010 on the water. David found an old Sailfish sailboat listing while perusing the online classified ad site, and the next day, it was in our driveway. Sure, it had seen better days, but it was reminiscent of the old Sunfish that he learned to sail on. Nostalgia aside, it was serendipitous to have made the purchase given that temperatures soon soared and the Bay was warm well into September.

Because the Bay is across the street, we wheeled the Sailfish down the driveway, along the sidewalk and across the State Highway to the waterfront. Jumping the curbs with the craft on the divided highway was the most difficult part about reaching the water.

David fixed the dings and holes with fiberglass and epoxy, sanded it down, repainted the entire craft with marine paint, affixed texture strips for grip, replaced the side rails with new mahogany and installed all new hardware. The waterlogged inner foam made the small boat weigh a ton, so he created a hatch with a cover and hooked up a portable fan to dry out the inside foam.

The refurbished sailboat features a clean white asthetic.
The Sailfish is the precurser to the more popular Sunfish. It is basically a surfboard with a sail. Two people can comfortably ride on the craft, but be prepared to get wet when the boat bobs over waves. Good thing it was a hot summer!

Here’s David taking advantage of the restored Sailfish!


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Missy manning the ManitouOn Friday, I experienced a Tall Ship cruise aboard the Manitou schooner. The blue skies and temperatures in the upper sixties made for a perfect West Grand Traverse Bay sail.

Manitou schoonerThere were about 50 people aboard the ship for the noon cruise. Many packed a lunch and ate picnic-style while enjoying bay views galore.

SailsThe schooner Manitou offers a unique perspective to enjoy the beauty of Grand Traverse Bay from the deck and to watch the crew maneuver the massive sails.

Old stoveThe Manitou also offers 4-day cruises or bed and breakfast tours, in which case, the crew will cook meals using the old fashioned stove.

Dining areaThe ship’s eating area is bright and efficient and the woodwork is amazing. The Manitou is just one of Traverse City’s unique and charming gems!

ManitouI snapped this picture from our house the following day! Isn’t she a beaut?

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