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About a month ago on a sunny early spring day, we ventured to the tip of Old Mission Peninsula. It’s a beautiful strip of land that separates Grand Traverse Bay in two: West Bay and East Bay. At the base of the peninsula it’s about a mile wide and extends northward about 20 miles to the very tip. I’ve written about adventures on the scenic peninsula here, here and here. Our travels led us to the Old Mission Point Lighthouse .

The lighthouse is located on the 45th parallel which is half-way between the North Pole and the Equator. There is even a nifty sign that depicts what other cities around the world share the 45th parallel alignment.

The water levels in Grand Traverse Bay and the Great Lakes are very low (as evidenced by the pictures below) and have been for several years. I’ve read that they are expected to be even lower this year, but hope with the above average snow/rain this spring will increase the lake level.

Even with snow on the ground, the spring sun was warm and welcome after an entire winter of grey skies. We walked the shoreline and rested for a bit atop the rocks and absorbed the suns rays.


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Sometimes a little beach time with a four-legged pal is just what the doctor ordered.
The beach area across the street from our house, locally referred to as ‘Slabtown Beach,’ has been busy all summer. We regularly make the trek across the Parkway to be refreshed by the bay whether it’s for a quick dip to cool off, a paddle in our kayaks or to tack back and forth in our small sailboat. With a summer as hot as 2010, we have definately been taking advantage of being so close to the bay. Afterall, it’s why we live here, right?

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If you are looking for a venue that offers great views and outstanding food, then look no further than Apache Trout Grill. Perched directly on West Grand Traverse Bay, there’s not a bad seat in the house. Apache is located next door to the Grand Traverse Yacht Club, which keeps the Bay alive with much activity. Wednesdays are race night for the Yacht Club, so Apache diners are not only treated with a bayfront scene but also can be mesmerized watching the many sailboats tack back and forth.

During the height of the summer, Apache often has a 30-40 minute wait for a table, but their waterfront Tiki bar will couch your hunger pangs (or at least make the wait enjoyable).

The Apache fare includes zippy salads, soups, barbecues, sandwiches, pastas, fish, steaks, and a selection of homemade desserts.

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Our new mayor in Traverse City, Chris Bzdok, has a healthy outlook on the future of our town. He comes from a mindset of environmental sustainability, and works to balance the needs of Traverse City while keeping the big picture in focus.

He is redefining how the City Commission acts on projects, proposals and citizen input. Instead of waiting until the end of a process to invite citizen input, he’s looking for it up front. His new website, PlanforTC.com, enables residents to proactively voice their ideas and input on proposed projects or make new suggestions.

I’m confident that Chris Bzdok will lead us in the right direction during his two-year term as mayor. Here’s to 2010 and a prosperous Traverse City!

February is bound to be a hot month with the new Traverse City National Writers’ Series set to feature the likes of Tom Brokaw, Woody Harrelson, Mario Batali, James Bradley author of “Flags of Our Fathers”, and Walter Kirn writer of “Up in the Air” to name a few. To cap it off, on February 19-21, Michael Moore and Jeff Garlin from “Curb Your Enthusiam” have teamed up to create the Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival! It’s going to be a banner year!

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Three weeks ago, my mom and her three sisters came to Traverse City for two days. We really packed a lot of adventure in a short amount of time. We started the trip with a scenic drive up Old Mission Peninsula to take in the fall foliage and grab a bite to eat at Old Mission Tavern and Bella Galleria. We also enjoyed the artwork on display both in the restaurant and in the attached gallery. It’s worth the drive!

Aunts in TC3

We continued up the peninsula to the Old Mission lighthouse to walk the beach, go for a scenic nature walk on the trails to work off some calories from our scrumptious lunch and, of course, we had to snap a quick pic while on the 45th parallel!

Aunts in TC

Next, we stopped by 2 Lads Winery to take in the stunning views…

2 Lads Winery

…and to sample some vino! 2 Lads offers panoramic views of East Bay and really tasty wines.

Aunts in TC2

The following day, we hit the streets of Traverse City to do some shopping! We ended up dining at El Dorado which I have already raved about before! We were not disappointed!

Aunts in TC

All in all, it was a great visit to catch up and spend some quality time with my mom and family. I’ll be the tour guide again for another weekend in TC- hint, hint!

Mom and I

Thanks to Aunt Mick for the wonderful pictures!

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Now that fall is here and the air is colder, it’s time for a pumpkin spice latte. A short walk from my house, Aroma’scoffee shop offers the delectable treat. Consider going for a walk on the TART Trail or a leisurely bike ride up the Leelanau Trail and stop by Aroma’s for a warm up. They are conveniently located just off the trail. If it’s warm out, sip your beverage and enjoy views of West Bay from the rocking chairs out front.

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Right Brain Brewery offers an ever-changing beer menu and doesn’t mess around with food. That’s right- they are strictly a brewery (and a hair salon. Yep-you sip, they snip!)  If you are hungry you can order in or bring your own food. Cuppa Joe happens to be next door and serves up some great fare. So grab a beer and enjoy a variety of flavors and tastes. Or take it to go! Right Brain offers beer growlers so you can enjoy your favorite craft brew on your boat, on the back deck or at parties.
Right Brain

Right Brain also has a membership club, of which David is a member of (what a great birthday present from moi!) RBB club members have the opportunity to design and paint thier own beer mug. Some are quite creative, while some look to be created by children (no offense, but some guys just don’t have the artistic touch.)

Right Brain (2)

I took on the task of painting David’s mug and asked him what he wanted. Well, he had a long list of things that he would like to see on the mug like: Chicago Blackhawks, the Cubbies, UofM, Chesapeake Lightcraft (the sea kayak that he built), BMW motorcycles (because he used to have two of them), Correct Craft (our boat) and of course Wyatt, our black lab. Sheesh! That’s quite a list! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to fit it all on the mug or that I had the artistic chops that the job required. Well, at least 3 visits to Handz on Art and voila-a mug!

Right Brain (5)

I am most impressed with the Chicago Blackhawks logo. It actually looks authentic! Although the black lab doesn’t exactly look like Wyatt’s mug- at least you can tell it’s a black lab!

Right Brain (4)

David went to the University of Michigan and even though I went to Michigan State University (and we are arch enemies), I painted a giant block “M” on his mug! Is that true love or what?

Right Brain

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