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Now that fall is here and the air is colder, it’s time for a pumpkin spice latte. A short walk from my house, Aroma’scoffee shop offers the delectable treat. Consider going for a walk on the TART Trail or a leisurely bike ride up the Leelanau Trail and stop by Aroma’s for a warm up. They are conveniently located just off the trail. If it’s warm out, sip your beverage and enjoy views of West Bay from the rocking chairs out front.


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Right Brain Brewery offers an ever-changing beer menu and doesn’t mess around with food. That’s right- they are strictly a brewery (and a hair salon. Yep-you sip, they snip!)  If you are hungry you can order in or bring your own food. Cuppa Joe happens to be next door and serves up some great fare. So grab a beer and enjoy a variety of flavors and tastes. Or take it to go! Right Brain offers beer growlers so you can enjoy your favorite craft brew on your boat, on the back deck or at parties.
Right Brain

Right Brain also has a membership club, of which David is a member of (what a great birthday present from moi!) RBB club members have the opportunity to design and paint thier own beer mug. Some are quite creative, while some look to be created by children (no offense, but some guys just don’t have the artistic touch.)

Right Brain (2)

I took on the task of painting David’s mug and asked him what he wanted. Well, he had a long list of things that he would like to see on the mug like: Chicago Blackhawks, the Cubbies, UofM, Chesapeake Lightcraft (the sea kayak that he built), BMW motorcycles (because he used to have two of them), Correct Craft (our boat) and of course Wyatt, our black lab. Sheesh! That’s quite a list! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to fit it all on the mug or that I had the artistic chops that the job required. Well, at least 3 visits to Handz on Art and voila-a mug!

Right Brain (5)

I am most impressed with the Chicago Blackhawks logo. It actually looks authentic! Although the black lab doesn’t exactly look like Wyatt’s mug- at least you can tell it’s a black lab!

Right Brain (4)

David went to the University of Michigan and even though I went to Michigan State University (and we are arch enemies), I painted a giant block “M” on his mug! Is that true love or what?

Right Brain

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OK folks, you already know that I am always drooling over the wonderful porches in Traverse City and that I have a serious case of porch envy. And someday, maybe I’ll have a wonderful wraparound porch, but for now, this is what our front porch looks like. When we finally have the cash to build our wonderful porch, I want to be fully educated, so I took a stroll down my incredible street: N. Elmwood Avenue. Here’s a sampling of a few porch beauties that are out there!

Elmwood Porches (3)
The above porch was an addition last summer and I watched it’s progress on many walks down our tree-lined street with my four-legged-friend, Wyatt. Now, I can’t imagine the house without the stone accented pillars and picture perfect shrubbery. The homeowner decorated with a wonderful fern basket, similar to the Crafstman porch that I also love and previously pined about.

Elmwood Porches (5)

This porch is very simple but is totally balanced with neat shrubs and hanging baskets. The white wicker furniture looks inviting and is probably a wonderful place to sip lemonade and read a book while people-watching in the neighborhood.

Elmwood Porches (9)

The stunning Victorian porch above (complete with porch swing) is totally idyllic. The uniform columns and stone rails (with matching urns and planters) really anchor the porch. The huge windows still offer views of the street from inside. I even love the simple hanging porch light that is centered- it further unifies the space. The landscaping that flanks the porch is equally inviting. I’m sure they enjoy watching the butterflies as they sit and watch the world go by.

Elmwood Porches (8)

This next one is very simple in design. The home appears to look more similar to our farmhouse-style house. I would expect that our future porch would look similar to this one, but it would also wrap around on the south side of our house to connect to the south porch that has an entry door directly into the kitchen.

Elmwood Porches (6)

The above porch offers a wonderful circular seating area but it’s hidden by too many hanging ferns. The wrap around porch also wraps along the north side of the house, so there are plenty of options to sit and enjoy the neighborhood!

Elmwood Porches (10)

And finally, the above Craftsman-style porch offers a shady retreat.

I’ll continually go for walks through Traverse City’s wonderful neighborhoods and will snap pics of my favorite porches. I hope to acquire many porch styles and will keep you updated as to what I find. Until then, my porch jealousy is peaked!

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Looking for the best breakfast in Traverse City? Try the El Dorado restaurant on Front Street. The Tex Mex inspired cuisine is more than you can eat, but oh so good. El Dorado
Check it out next time you are in town. Your stomach will thank you.
El Dorado

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A recent evening on the water offered the following sights…

Nauti cat (2)
TheNauti Cat , a 47-foot catamaran sailboat was out for an evening cruise.

West Bay (4)
We were out enjoying the bay as well on our 17-foot 1971 Correct Craft Mustang. It has a Ford 289 engine from the Mustang car. Needless to say, the motor starts with a roar. It is possible that our boat could be even older as David has found a 1967 Correct Craft that looks identical to ours.

West Bay (16)

The 224-foot State of Michigan is a training vessel for the Great Lakes Maritime Academy which is a program offered by Northwestern Michigan College.

West Bay (9)
This gargantuan-sized estate is a private residence. I had heard that it is 12,000 square feet. And… there’s a guest house that you can’t see in this image!

David (4)Me
We enjoyed the evening on the water. We wanted to stay out to watch the sunset but our stomachs were growling too much. The sun was close to making it’s glorious retreat. I guess next time, we’ll pack some food.
West Bay (25)

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Sunnybank, a private residence, was built in 1894. The home has been fully restored both inside and out. The English style Victorian garden is absolutely stunning. The home is located on historic Sixth Street in downtown Traverse City. Please join me on this photo tour of the lovely gardens.

SunnybankA stunning Victorian estate.

Sunnybank (46)The “open” sign indicates the garden is open to guests and visitors.

Sunnybank (18)

The high fence walls make the garden it’s own micro-climate. Sunnybank (21)

Plants seem to thrive at Sunnybank!

Sunnybank (26)

This is the view from the door into the garden from the alley. If you look closely, the homeowner is tending the garden.Sunnybank (30)

The building is the owner’s private garden shed.

Sunnybank (32)

This image was taken from the stairs that lead into the house.Sunnybank (34)

On the west side of the house, there are many shade gardens.

Sunnybank (38)

Here is just one of many beautiful doors within the garden. The hardware is incredible.Sunnybank (42)

The front yard is also beautifully landscaped.

Sunnybank (44)The brick path leads to a wonderful wraparound porch. I love the urns that flank the porch.

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TC on NBCTraverse City was featured on the July 17 NBC evening news with Brian Williams.

The short clip features Northern Michigan video shots of Suttons Bay, Leland, Fishtown, Traverse City, Wayne Hill, the Boardman River, Inland Seas and more!

According to the article posted to MSNBC’s site, “Federal officials are preparing for a series of public meetings to discuss President Barack Obama’s initiative to restore the Great Lakes, an ecosystem battered by invasive species, toxic pollution and other problems. Obama requested $475 million in his 2010 budget for the lakes project.” For more reporting on this issue, go to msnbc.com for complete details or to watch the video, click here.

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