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Sometimes a little beach time with a four-legged pal is just what the doctor ordered.
The beach area across the street from our house, locally referred to as ‘Slabtown Beach,’ has been busy all summer. We regularly make the trek across the Parkway to be refreshed by the bay whether it’s for a quick dip to cool off, a paddle in our kayaks or to tack back and forth in our small sailboat. With a summer as hot as 2010, we have definately been taking advantage of being so close to the bay. Afterall, it’s why we live here, right?


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It’s a dog’s life

Our dog is the alpha male in our household. Wyatt is a big black lab who sleeps in our bed, wakes us up at 6:00 a.m. for one of his three (yep, that’s three) walks a day! He has even managed to manipulate us so that he gets eight biscuits after each one of those aforementioned W-A-L-Ks. He gets four snaps and four milkbones. Talk about one spoiled puppy!

Needless to say, Wyatt comes along on road trips with us. However, this year now that my brother lives in Traverse City, we had another passenger in the car. Wyatt decided to sit on Dave’s lap for half the trip.

For the other half of the trip, he had his head out the window!

Even David’s mom bought presents for Wyatt that he opened on Christmas morning.

Although I hate to admit it, I actually taught Wyatt to get on my lap. I wanted a cat so I could have someone to pet on my lap, but you see, David is allergic to cats. So, I “made” Wyatt into my lap cat. Now that Wyatt is just under a hundred pounds and has no idea how big he is, he can be a bit unwieldy. But we love our big dopey dog with all his quirks –even in the middle of winter when I’m donning my snow pants for the frigid morning walk. Without him getting me up at that hour, I would never know the quiet stillness in the park after a fresh blanket of snow. It’s kinda nice to be the first set of tracks on the park’s trails day after day. Thanks Wyatt.

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